If you’re interested in creating a happier and more productive workspace as a business leader, creating a “Mindful Organisation” is the best action you can take…

In Mindfulness Alliance, we’ve provided “Mindfulness Modern” programme to many organisations across the world, reaching nearly 10.000 people.

We now take the initiative to create “Mindful Organisations” where we help you cultivate your own “Mindfulness Modern Teachers” and spread mindful way of thinking & working to your whole organisation without much cost …


Oh, speaking of costs, do you know what is the cost of a “Stressed out organization?”

  •  The total cost of depression to EU is 617 Billion annually. 10% of this loss is related to stress. (EU research)

  • Mental condition issues cost to employers in the US between $79 and $105 billion each year, as reduced productivity, absenteeism, and increased healthcare costs. (the Center for Prevention and Health)

  • In a world where one in five employees have a diagnosable mental health condition, it’s important for business leaders to take action. Promoting good mental health could be one of the best ways to improve an entire organization.

  • Clearly, a healthy workplace can’t prevent or reduce all mental health problems. But, making an effort to help employees develop as much mental strength as possible could be a life-changing thing in their well-being.

Let’s dream about that future for a second. Where machines being more machines and  humans being more humans. We believe that’s possible…

To Explore more on “how to become a Mindful Organisation” please inquire us at info@mindfulnessalliance.net