If you’re already into Mindfulness Practise and interested in spreading Mindfulness Modern to many more people within a school/studio environment, what you may be looking for is becoming a “Mindfulness Alliance Certified School”

Here are a few reasons:

  • With Mindfulness Alliance certification, you’ll be able to instruct “Mindfulness Modern” programme and all the other “Life changing modules of Mindfulness Modern” to your students
  • As a Mindfulness Alliance school, you’ll be able to (moreover encouraged to) employ “Mindfulness Alliance” teachers
  • You’ll get all the marketing materials of “Mindfulness Alliance” as well as all the training materials of Mindfulness Modern program
  • You’ll get access to “Mindfulness Alliance Partner Portal” and be able to update your training or marketing materials periodically
  • You’ll be listed on Mindfulness Alliance website and gain a worldwide reach
  • You’ll get the advantage of the already built-in brand value of Mindfulness Alliance

To Explore more on “how to become a Mindfulness Alliance School” please inquire us at info@mindfulnessalliance.net