Mindfulness Alliance MM Teacher Training Program (Istanbul: September – December 2019)

Mindfulness Alliance

2019’s last cohort of “Mindfulness Modern Teacher Training Program” will take place between 01.09.2019 and 31.12.2019 in Istanbul (Turkey) & Vienna (Austria).

The program will be in Turkish & English

Details regarding the curriculum and the timeline/agenda can be seen below:

1. Precourse (Preparation) starts: January 1 2019
You will receive pre-work consisting of reading materials, a self survey, journaling prompts, videos and other resources, so you can start your studying before we start.
2. Experience event 1 (5 Days Between 16-20.10 2019 / Istanbul)
Understand the WHY, HOW, WHAT of “Mindfulness Modern Program” and learn what it means to be a Mindfulness Alliance certified teacher for “Mindfulness Modern”.
3. Fieldwork (Between 21 October – 14 November) 
Let’s get you on the field to start your practicing journey amongst small friendly groups.
4. Experience event 2 (3 days Between 15-17.11 2019 / Istanbul)
In this event, you will be encouraged to execute what you have learned and practiced thus far in front of an audience. You will teach several times and get feedback from experienced Mindfulness Modern teachers and your peers.
5. Master the teaching (Between 18 November – 31 December) 
In this event, you will be encouraged to execute what you have learned and practiced thus far in Master your teaching skills with guidance from our coaches.
6. Certification (Between 31 December – Vienna)
Send a portfolio including video, assignments, and teaching feedback scores to panel for review.

The applications will be open on 23th July. Please note that all applications shall meet the criteria outlined on “Prerequisites and application process” page.

We’re awaiting your applications via this application form…
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Welcome on board!

Mindfulness Alliance Team

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Applications starts: 23.09.2019 The program starts: 01.09.109 End of the program: 31.12.2019