Mindfulness Alliance is an independent organization that unites mindfulness professionals and develop programs for them to effectively bring mindfulness into their communities.

We focus on:

  • Advocating for accessibility of Mindfulness all around the world.
  • Assisting Mindfulness teachers to grow into their role as leaders in their communities.
  • Promoting solidarity in mindfulness so that all traditions and mindfulness organizations may blossom and all students may utilize from the presents of mindfulness.
  • Collaborating with many mindfulness experts to understand different approaches, follow up on latest researches and keeping an up-to-date eye on all developments in neuroscience…


Our goal: 10000 Mindfulness teachers in 100 countries in 5 years

To reach this goal we have developed and provided “Mindfulness Modern” program in many countries.

About “Mindfulness Modern” Program:

Along with its journey, Mindfulness Alliance team created the “Mindfulness Modern” program (now available to all Mindfulness Alliance certified teachers) which reached 10.000 people and 50+organisations in the past 2 years.

Mindfulness Modern is designed to be used in, education, workplace, and healthcare globally.   The creative team of Mindfulness Modern consisted of renowned scientists, world-class designers, and spectacular storytellers together just to do that. 

Mindfulness Modern (MM) content standards can be summarised as:

    • Cutting-edge science-backed, updated annually. 
    • Great narrative, to deliver abstract concepts easy and in less time. 
    • Stunning design.
    • Gamified for fun and keep traction.

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