Mindfulness Alliance – 200 Hours Mindfulness Modern Teacher Training Program

What is
“Mindfulness Modern” Program?

“Mindfulness Modern” is a mindfulness-based interdisciplinary habit formation program born in Austria and developed by Mindfulness Alliance. It helps us to avoid obstacles and focus on what is essential in life


What are the ingredients of the Mindfulness Modern Program?

Mindfulness, compassion, neuroscience, positive psychology, fun, and love of humanity.


What is the goal of “Mindfulness Modern” Program?

“Mindfulness Modern” Program strives to provide practical tools to identify and avoid internal and external factors that negatively affect the quality of our lives. It simply helps us to let go of anything that holds us back, and focus on what we can control to contribute to life in the best way possible.


Why is “Mindfulness Modern” Program different?

Relevant: It provides new solutions to new problems of the modern world.

Rich:  It transfers more value in less time with refined content.

Up-to-date:  Easy methodology which is constantly updated and dynamic content that reflects the latest research.

Easy to understand: Exceptionally simple with universal design and look & feel.

Fun: Fun and memorable with the story induced outline.


What is “Mindfulness Modern Teacher Training” Program?

The MMTT program is designed to provide prospective candidates with the theoretical and practical infrastructure they need to be able to deliver the first two modules of Mindfulness Modern, 101 and 201.


Why is the MMTT different?

Flexible: With its unique blended learning  (20% face to face events, 80% live webinars) the MMTT Program brings a solution to the most scarce resource of the modern world: time.

Accessible: Compared to other conventional 200 hours training the MMTT Program is much more affordable, both price and time wise.

International experts: Contrary to most educational practices where all topics are delivered by the same instructor, each topic in the MMTT Program will be delivered by experts of that subject, i.e. you will learn the neuroscience of meditation from a world-class neuroscientist.

Continuous improvement: Mindfulness Modern is an ever-developing program. New modules such as “Mindfulness Modern for parents” will be added every year.  With every new module added to the program, both the trainer and the portfolio he or she can offer develops.

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